Zoë Liebersbach

Designer + Developer

Zoë Liebersbach


My strong passion for all things electric in nature, from programming to electronics engineering, has given me a broad skill set in many areas. From an early age I spent my time learning to use Linux, design circuits and ultimately code in a wide range of languages and libraries, even going so far as to write a 2D-platformer game in Python (regrettable, but I learnt a lot).

In 2015, Sarox was co-founded by Kobi and I. This set us on a journey we didn’t know was coming, leading us to place in UHack (a hackathon run by the University of Tasmania) three years consecutively, meet like-minded people and build our team to be the strongest and most diverse in Hobart.

Some of the tools under my belt include Linux administration (primarily Debian + Ubuntu based systems), Python (Pygame, Scrapy + Flask), x86 Assembly, C, C++, C# (.NET Core), Lua, PHP (Laravel + WordPress), Dart (Flutter), Java (Android + Spring), SQL, Node.js (Express), and of course, HTML, CSS + Javascript (Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular + Ionic).

Using these, I have helped startups, small businesses and local governments design systems that work for them and drive the results they deserve.

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