Tim Westcott

Web + Software Developer

Tim Westcott


I have had a lifelong fascination with computing and web technologies. In my earliest years, I was tweaking config files to get the DOS-based menu on my family computer to just the wrong shade of pink. Since that time, my studies in Information Technology took a more professional turn, culminating in my graduation from the University of Queensland with First Class Honours in 2012.

Since concluding my studies, I’ve had a varied career in Tech. I worked as a Data Scientist for a start-up in Brisbane and as a digital technologies education specialist for a national tech education charity, before joining Sarox in 2019 as a Software and Web developer.

I have experience in a range of fields, including machine learning and data mining, programming language design and implementation, digital technologies education, and web development. This experience has exposed me to a range of programming languages and frameworks including Javascript, Vue.js, PHP, Laravel, Python, Haskell, and of course the latest HTML5 & CSS3 techniques.

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