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Lastest Web Frameworks and Practises

We are constantly watching the Internet evolve around us - taking in the practices and recommendations of major companies and brands worldwide.

With Sarox, you can rest assured knowing that you're not being left behind in the rapidly evolving world wide web.

We use the Node JS runtime to develop fast, lightweight and efficient websites and web applications while simultaneously keeping your costs down.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

The web is going mobile - fast. Don't let potential leads go to waste - keep up with the times, and your audience.

More than 38.6% of internet traffic worldwide is from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, which means that if your website does not acknowledge and reflect this worldwide trend, you are turning away up to 38.6% of potential customers or readers...

Enter: Responsive Design

Responsive design is the future of the web. It responds to the size of the screen, ensuring that all content fits and looks beautiful as ever on all screen sizes - without having to devote time to develop a mobile-specific version of your website.

Is my website responsive?

To check if your website is responsive - open it on your computer and then drag the browser’s window from the side. If the content on your website shifts around to fit the size of the window - hooray! Your website is responsive!

If it does not - don’t get left behind - give us a call today to arrange an upgrade.

Designed to Google's own Specification

Google owns the two largest search engines and is one of the most successful companies in the world. That tells us that they are doing something right - which is why we base our websites from their Material Design specification.

The Material Design spec ensures that your website looks consistent across the board - both with itself and the new generation of applications and websites that are also using the specification.

Not a fan of Material Design? No worries! We can create a website to suit your own design preferences or guidelines for the same great price! Give us a call today to find out more.

Web App Ready

All of our websites can be easily made into web applications that look and feel just like any other app. There is now no need to develop yet another separate piece of software to cover all grounds.


For your convenience, we have collated some of our previous work and clients in a portfolio on our home page.

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