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Mobile, Desktop and Web Apps

Our developers are fluent in all major programming languages and are able to develop all kinds of applications on all kinds of platforms.

Whether you are looking for a Mobile App or Game, Desktop Application or even a web application for your business - you don’t need to look any further!

Mobile Apps

From our calendars, to our emails - pictures and now even entertainment, our phones are the centre of our lives. We use them for our leisure, for our work and just about anything in between.

It makes sense for your company, business or personal brand to get their foot in the door and be part of everyone's lives. When your app is installed on someone’s phone, everything gets more personal. You have unimaginable amounts of data at your disposal to make your user feel like they’re the centre of your world.

We can develop any kind of app for Android, iOS or both - to fit and exceed your requirements, whatever they may be.

We take developing apps that step further by not only considering the functionality of the app, but the overall experience of using it. Our user interfaces and experiences (UI & UX) are built to Google’s Material Design guidelines and are beautiful, functional and mean you (and your users) just can’t get enough.

They don’t just have to be for your customers, either. We can also develop apps for the internal workings of your company. Maybe an app-based timesheet, where your staff clock on and off by tapping their phone on the desk - or maybe a company calendar that sends reminders to your staff when tasks are due. Maybe even an app that tracks where your staff take the company car - and alerts you when they’re off-course.


Mobile Games

Apple’s App Store generated US$20 Billion (approx. AU$26.8 Billion) in revenue in 2015, up 200% from 2013. Around 23% of 2015’s app downloads were games - making mobile games the most downloaded app category on Apple’s App Store.

Remember Flappy Bird - that simple, yet impossible game that took the world by storm? The developer of that game makes $50K per day - and the company responsible for Angry Birds reported a $6 million monthly revenue from ads alone.

Large game companies are even starting to release feature titles on mobile - such as Need For Speed and Grand Theft Auto.

Now we have your attention… Our developers are gamers themselves, which means they pay attention to all of the things wrong with other games and make sure they do not come through in their own creations. This advantage makes all the difference when it comes to user experience.

We develop using the Unity Engine on both Android and iOS for the best possible performance, file size and efficiency.

Mobile games are the future of gaming and the market surrounding it is exponentially growing - get in touch with us with your idea and we can make it happen!

PC Games

PC games are another growing market - with more and more people taking advantage of the extra power and flexibility a computer has over a console.

Our developers use numerous AAA graphics engines to develop games with stunning visuals for Mac & PC.

Whether it’s a sandbox game or you have a 13 hour storyline planned out - contact us with your idea and we will work with you to create something that will not only blow the minds of your players - but yours as well.

Desktop Apps

Just because the mobile market has taken the software industry by storm does not mean there’s no room left for desktop.

Though many of the applications you need to get your work done already exist, ‘widgets’, or little applications that increase the productivity within the applications you already use can be extremely valuable.

Full-blown document editors, calculators, or even web browsers tuned perfectly for your needs are not out of reach of our highly-skilled developers, though.

If you need a widget or desktop application to increase your productivity - give us a call and discuss your idea with us anytime.

Cloud Based Software and Web Applications

Cloud-based software is the next step for productivity-based applications. The beauty of cloud computing is the fact that all of the data is stored in the cloud, and can be accessed by any number of clients on any platform - including via the Internet using a web browser.

At Sarox, we use a cloud-based application to manage our staff and keep track of our current jobs. It is accessible from any web browser and is a web app, so it looks and works just like a normal app on mobile.

We can develop a similar system for your company so that you can keep a tab on everything that’s going on from any device, anywhere in the world - or we can work with you to develop something completely different, to suit your own needs.

Another example of a cloud based application is the Huon River Navigation App that we developed with Franklin Marine. It is designed to work on any web browser on desktop, and to look and feel like a normal application on mobile.

It’s time to move to the cloud - work with us to develop your cross-platform web application today!

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