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Has your family laptop just died, with all of Anna's important homework on it? Just your luck - right?

Don't stress! Our highly skilled team has the tools and the know-how to get your technology working again!

Each with over five years hardware and software experience, our team can easily pick up and resolve many common problems in no-time.

Some of those problems include

  • Viruses and Adware
  • Computer failing to boot or turn on
  • Internet not working or running slower than usual
  • Printers giving you trouble
  • Computers running slow and sluggish

If your problem isn't on the list - don't stress. Throughout our computing time we have literally seen it all...

Give us a call or send us an email describing your issue and we will get you sorted!


We go to great effort to source computer components from all over Australia - and sometimes overseas, to ensure you always have the latest and greatest technology at your fingertips - for a great price.

If there is a physical problem with your computer that we can’t fix, we can instead find the dud part(s) and replace them for you!

If more than one part has gone at once we can sell you one of our custom-built computers with a hardware guarantee - or even a quality second-hand machine that offers greater value for money for a shorter guarantee.

Click the button below to find a great deal on a new or used PC at our online store.

Setup & Installation

Alright - so you’ve got the kids their game consoles for Christmas - but what are you meant to do with them now?

Give us a call to arrange a setup & installation call-out; we will setup and then install your equipment so that all you are left to do is push the on button!

This isn’t just limited to game consoles, either! We have experience setting up entertainment systems (Audio/Visual), Computers, Home WiFi networks as well as smart devices & appliances.

We also serve businesses wishing to set up office, retail or accommodation spaces with networking, security, entertainment, printers, computers - and even remote management systems!

Advice & Consultation

Sometimes you don’t need to pay someone to look at your computer - you just need someone to point you in the right direction then you can figure the rest out yourself.

Give our friendly team a call anytime with your problem, for a free 5-minute over-the-phone consultation session! This can be anything from "Where do I find my WiFi password" to "All of my TV channels have just disappeared" - including everything in between.

Need longer than 5 minutes? No worries! Give us a call to arrange a consultation session over the phone or face-to-face.

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