What is web hosting?

Web hosting is where your website lives while it’s online. It’s the place where your computer looks when you type in “www.yourwebsite.com” into the search bar of your favourite browser. In more technical terms, it’s the server that executes your website’s code and serves it to the client.

We’ve spent a significant amount of time crafting the most efficient hosting solution for our client’s websites, and have packages to suit any needs ranging from sensitive government data to the most simple website.

Our packages

Managed Web Hosting


99.99% Server Uptime
Servers Based in Sydney, Australia
Updates & Security Fixes
Uptime Monitoring
Quarterly Security Audit
Additional Support $130/hour + GST

Custom Hosting Solutions

Our expert team can craft a custom hosting solution according to your needs.
Suited for large websites and complex software applications and trusted by small, medium and large organisations.

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All prices listed are exclusive of GST.