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Team Waldhoff is a father-son team of property specialists at PRD Hobart. We built a dedicated website for Team Waldhoff to allow them to have complete control of their marketing. The website is complete with dynamic property feeds from their Real Estate CRM and complete Facebook Pixel integration, allowing for the implementation of advanced social media marketing.

Martin & Hans Waldhoff came to us with decades of experience selling homes, dozens of success stories from previous clients and a keen enthusiasm to take on the online space around Hobart Real Estate.

To do that, they needed a website which would automatically update with their new listings (in the same way as, share the unbelievable amount of positive client reviews that they had sitting around, link with social media advertising efforts, and ultimately, stand out online in the competitive Hobart real estate market.
So we built them just that – with integrated property feeds, reviews, dedicated landing pages for social media advertising, and clear messaging across the website.

Team Waldhoff’s website has allowed them to take on the world of digital marketing, which when working in Hobart’s ultra-competitive real estate market is an absolute must. They have used the website to run competitions, share information with vendors, promote properties, generate leads and more.

This website has a lot of moving parts, and was the first time we had jumped down the rabbit hole of integrating with Real Estate CRMs and Property Feeds. With a few small hiccups along the way, we’re very happy with the way this came together, especially when looking at the vast number of ways the site can be used by Team Waldhoff to promote their business.

This project also sparked an interest in Real Estate for Kobi, who has since been learning about the industry, and specifically where it intersects with technology to create and maintain rich customer relationships at scale.

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