Splashback is a data storage + analysis platform which runs in the cloud.

In early 2018, Daniel Ray from Splashback approached us with his Visual Basic add-in for Excel and expressed the need to move it to the cloud. He had already begun writing the add-in in Angular, but needed some professional hands-on-deck to give him the momentum towards release.

Over the next one and a half years, Sarox worked with Splashback to bring the new cloud-based solution to market with great success, innovating in many areas along the way. As a part of this, in early 2020 we developed the Splashback website, which was a challenge considering the complexity of the program.

Now, Sarox continues to work on an ongoing basis with Splashback to ‘modernize’ the remainder of the application.

In collaboration with Splashback, we were invited to create the first third-party integration for Splashback, Splashup! Using our application, you can input data directly into Splashback from the field, and upload your data when you get back.

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