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We helped Abigail with a small, cost-effective lead-generation website Saffi Studio for her micro-business as a florist.

Abigail was in the process of setting up her florist business when she approached us to help build her website. Having already worked with Abigail in the past for her personal artist website, it was great to work with her again on this new venture.

Abigail came ready to go with images, logos and text right off the bat, which made the whole process quick and efficient from our end. Thanks Abigail!

We built a simple WordPress website for Saffi Studio with a focus on simplicity, speed and most importantly, lead generation! The website easily directs people to the service they are looking for and provides clear next steps to reach out and book an appointment, and of course is completely responsive/mobile friendly.

Saffi Studio is a great example of having a simple business with clear offerings, and how that translates into a positive web experience for visitors. By focussing on just a few services and some information about Abigail, the Saffi Studio website is really easy to use, and straightforward in its messaging. It was a pleasure working with Abigail for the second time, and we look forward to the third!

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